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Creative SoundBlasterX G6 Headphone Gaming Amp/DAC

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I reached out to Creative Labs and they were kind enough to afford me the opportunity of reviewing one of their best selling dacs, the SoundBlasterX G6.
An extremely versatile product, this thing works amazingly well for a multitude of different things. It's an Amplifier + DAC in one, so you won't have to worry about purchasing the dac or amp separately, and it's perfect for nerdy gamers and avid film buffs such as myself. Just plug and play via USB into your PS4 or use it on your desktop. Xbox users will have to utilize the supplied Optical/Line hybrid cable.
It also has a mic input for competitive gaming, a line/optical in jack as well as a line/optical out on the back! You can imagine how valuable this product is! There are just so many things it can do. You can even download Creative's "SoundBlaster Connect" app which comes with an array of different options that allow you to customize the sound profile of the headphones your listening to (via a built in Equalizer), and so much more.
In the video, I discussed the product at length but also compared it with 6 other dacs that I had in studio. Discover more about the G6 in my official review!