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Cheney’s Got A Gun

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Cheney's Got A Gun

Best in Class - Western Carolina University Student Art Exhibition.

Photo Credit: Ann Tucker Suggs.

Upon first glance, this painting is rather humorous and undoubtedly comical in appearance. The concept behind it is simple: Dick Cheney was a known "Draft Dodger", which basically means that he avoided military service by deferring (in his case 5 separate times).

The irony here of course is that he is depicted holding a machine gun and wearing a military uniform. In addition to being ironic, it becomes a clear work of fiction, and takes on an imaginary, almost surreal fairy tale like quality. Even further, some would argue that Mr. Cheney's actions as Vice President could be construed as cowardly. He was more than willing to send America's young men into battle, but wouldn't go to war himself.

My ultimate goal was to portray him in such an exposed manner, that you wouldn't be able to ignore it if you tried. It's a piece that in my mind raises questions and incites discussion, while at the same time being immediately accessible as a form of pure visual entertainment.

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