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Always Watching

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Always Watching

Selected for the Vigilance Art Exhibition on Surveillance in modern society.

In traveling the back roads in my hometown of Raleigh, N.C. years ago, I discovered this somewhat interesting looking house on the side of the road.

I've never seen anyone enter or leave the house, and to this day it stands there, presumably vacant. There are no cars outside, no driveway to speak of, and it always looks completely empty, even despite the fact that there are no signs that it's actually abandoned.

In other words, there aren't any "no trespassing" signs either, which are typically present in a house that the state doesn't want you to enter. I find it to be quite eerie looking, and I still drive by it most days. It makes me wonder what's inside, but I have no desire to actually find out, because ghosts and stuff. Who lived there? Where are they now? Why did they leave? Was it even used as a home? These are questions that deserve answers! From the front, it almost has this gothic looking sensibility about it, and it's in pretty great shape for being so old.

The reason I chose to paint it is because on that particular day, the sun was beating down beautifully on the right side, creating a really nice dichotomy of light vs. dark. The grass was also the greenest I'd ever seen it, and nowadays doesn't look nearly as good; even in the summer.

The front of the house faces a 4 way intersection, and so it almost functions as a sort of landmark or crossroads, always recognizable, and forever present in the hearts and minds of the passerby's that behold it.

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