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AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD600

Video Comparison

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I finally got a chance to do a proper comparison regarding 2 of the most venerable headphones in existence, the Sennheiser HD600, and AKG's K702. Both of these headphones have been around in some form or fashion for many years. The HD600 first hit the market way back in 1997, and still remains relevant to this day because of its pure, genuine sound, excellent build quality, and incredible comfort.

For someone new, I'd almost always recommend an HD600/650/6XX first because they each reveal 95% of what the hobby is about for a reasonable price. I've owned the HD600s since 2016, but just purchased the K702 because I needed a headphone for Gaming, Jazz, Classical, and other lighter genres that I occasionally enjoy listening to. The 2 make perfect open-back compliments to one another, as they each have subtly different intended uses and excel better in different areas.

The K702 is a more delicate sound, complete with an open Soundstage, "out of your head" feeling, and a feathery type of presentation. It feels more like you're listening to speakers or a 5.1 surround sound system. The HD600 has a more narrow Soundstage, but is better for Rock and to some extent Hip-Hop, as its bass hits a bit harder. It's a headphone you'll love for the majority of genres out there, while the K702 is a bit more specialized.

The original variants of the K701 had bumps on the headband and were made in Austria. The newer Chinese models are built pretty well, and do not have the bumps because users complained it dug into the top of their head.