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Schiit Stacks

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Which stack of Schiit do YOU prefer?

Font used: League Gothic, Wisdom Script, Futura (Heavy), and handwritten type inside illustrator for "A Schiity Birthday" :D

I've always loved a good play on words, and fortunately the audio/headphone amplifier company Schiit has made it really easy to come up with funny ideas and concepts for the purpose of illustration, design, and humor.

The audiophile community has always joked around with this as well, and so I decided to illustrate a series of poo piles to describe the various types of Amps that Schiit sells on their website.

I also tried to incorporate meaning in the parentheses as far as what the amp in question specializes in or is capable of. For instance, the Fulla 2 is their entry level Amp/DAC combo and because it's so affordable and offers great sound, I decided to give it a "Smart Schiit" moniker because it's a very budget friendly and intelligent purchase. The Valhalla is a tube amp, which are known for their warmer sound. So for that I gave it the "Warm Schiit" label.

The Mjolnir amp is very versatile in that it functions as a Tube OR a Solid State amplifier, so I gave it the "Versatile Schiit" tag. The Ragnarok is very expensive, so I made it "Birthday Schiit" as in, something you might receive as a gift on a special occasion. The Magni is a Solid State amp, known for it's neutral, clinical, or sterile type of character. It tends to make headphones sound very crisp, clear, and articulate. Hence the "Cool Schiit" name. Heh. :D

I had a lot of fun with this one!

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