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Could’ve had a V6!

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Could've had a V6!

Fonts used: Wisdom Script, Futura (Book), Baskerville, Univers.

Text: Could've had a V6, Sony's Original 100% Authentic Sound. No artificially hyped frequencies. NT 8 Oz. (300g). 63 Ohms.

I have long considered the MDR V6 from Sony to be just about the perfect headphone. It's price to performance ratio is simply astounding, it's built well, and it's pretty comfortable to boot!

So I was thinking about that vegetable juice one day and their slogan, which is "Could've had a V8." I thought it would be interesting if I substituted V6 in there and the rest is history.

One of the main reasons it works is because like Vegetables and Juicing in general, the V6 is also good for you, and part of a complete and nutritious audiophile diet. :P Put another way, the V6 should be a staple in every single audio engineers cabinet, and I would go so far as to say everyone in general should have a pair with no questions asked. It's the quintessential studio headphone, and has been for decades.

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