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The Budget Kings Series (Headphones)

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I came up with this concept after thinking about how to help people decide on a good and inexpensive headphone. The series currently includes 6, and is updated regularly for price fluctuations as well as my own experience with new and different products. Some of my regular readers and subscribers really love this series and also keep me up to date on potential additions to the list.

The process involved thinking about what would make a good representation of something that's considered "The Best."

After mulling over different options, I settled on Crown's. Originally it was going to be Trophies (the obvious culprit), but I had already used that idea for a separate article - The Best Audiophile Headphones, and thought using Crown's would be sort of unique. The title has a nice ring to it, no?

I also briefly researched Medals, but there wasn't really enough variation for my liking.

There's a main page with all of the designs grouped together, and when you click on any of the 6 it takes you to an individual review with a larger image of each crown to start the article. Note the variations as well; my goal was for them to appear more opulent and luxurious the higher in rank you ascend.

There's a link towards the bottom!