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Video Cards for YouTube & Blog



The bottom 3 were add-ons for my Headphone Amp & DAC articles. The challenge in animating the clock was to get both hands to rotate without moving their position over the center.

The top 4 are frequency response graphs. I have since scrapped these because:

  • They take too long to make and it’s a hassle doing it for every headphone. I actually only did 2 (seen at the bottom). None of the above images were animated.
  • I found people didn’t really care about seeing a frequency response graph at the beginning of the video. Most people are interested in the sound first and foremost. I still use them in my articles though as it adds a nice visual at the start of the post.

Hope you enjoy these! Please comment below with any suggestions for future improvements. I’m always tweaking these a bit, so they’re never really set in stone. Animations are towards the bottom. 🙂



All sounds were recorded with my Blue Yeti.












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Video Cards For YouTube

Fonts Used: Wisdom Script, Handwritten Text in Illustrator.

These are all of the cards I use for my blog and channel. In the videos they animate and incorporate sound as well.

My thought process involved coming up with a good visual representation for each topic. I think they all work pretty well and are pretty self explanatory. Instead of getting too literal about it, I tried to come up with an image that you might associate with the word.

For instance, when I think about comfort, a couch usually comes to mind. For build, bricks (or a wall, etc.) and so on. The idea was to try and also tie in more universal themes instead of just confining it to the parameters of audio equipment. I believe it makes the piece more interesting as a whole, as well as individually.

Do you have any suggestions? Hit me up down below!!